Our Approach

Project Motivational Math (PMM) is an acclaimed motivational mental math program designed to motivate children to excel in math. Motivation for the most part, has been the missing ingredient to learning. In that this program utilizes positive motivational techniques, its success transfers across all academic domains.
PMM was designed to help students learn math in ways not previously mastered in the classroom. The CEO and architect of this program, Willie Walker, AKA Mr. Math, is a former accountant who responded to a need to help children of all ages overcome their fears and intimidation of math in particular, and a lack of motivation for learning in general. PMM builds confidence, and fosters feelings of self-worth that enhance the student’s competence in math and other subjects.
Within each school district or system where this program is initiated, Math Clubs and Math Bees are developed. The impact PMM has on its constituents, is that it perpetuates wholesome values, promotes community well being, and enhances quality of life. By bringing together diverse groups of students and teachers from across the country, participants learn to compete on a higher level preparing them to meet challenges in the world of academics and work. This school year we are faced with a new challenge of sponsoring and training children displaced from hurricane Katrina. Our Mission has not changed, but has become more of a challenge. In any case, in this program, every child is a winner!
PMM builds from the inside out! One skill at a time!
In addition to the advantages afforded all students by this unique program, teachers and parents enjoy rewards as well. Fears teachers once harbored are eliminated. For parents, the complaint, is, I can’t understand my child’s math, is gone forever. Everyone succeeds! Students compute multiple levels of math simultaneously without pencil, paper, or calculator in split second timing.
Project Motivational Math’s team of experts travel the country motivating and inspiring youngsters to get excited about math. Listed below are some ways PMM will help your school improve thier test scores:
# A supplementary curriculum will be developed for your school.

# Implement a math pep rally at your school to motivate the entire school to get excited about math and other subjects.

# Implement our online basic math program which is taught by “Mr. Math” himself on Tuesday of each week from 10:00 – 10:40 am EST. (12 weeks of exciting fun math activities). This will be performed through video conferencing or visiting a website with a user name and password.

# How to target specific students that are in need and develop a learning program for them.

# PMM has had proven success with all types of ethnic and socio-economic students.

# Eliminate the “Fear” of mathematics by showing teachers and students the “strategies”that make hard concepts seem simple.

# How to properly develop and organize mathematics competitions within classes, grade levels, schools, between schools and even districts.

# How to incorporate parents into the learning process.
Most research indicates that having parents that participate in their child’s education is essential in a student’s academic growth. PMM can show you how to do this.

# Develop mental math skills that will reduce test time and create great self-confidence in your mathematical ability.

# Test taking tips and techniques that will improve student’s test scores on standardized tests.

# How to create and implement an after school math club at your school site.
# How to select the proper personnel, develop a budget and advertise.

# Remember PMM has a history of proven results! We are math experts. Our expert assistance is affordable.