Who is Mr. Math?

Mr. Math

Willie L. Walker, a.k.a. “Mr. Math”, is a former accountant who left the business world to become a full time teacher. He has a great love for children and being able to motivate children is his biggest asset. Once you motivate children you are able to teach them anything. In 1990, he became the math teacher of the year in the 4th largest district in the nation in Miami, Florida. Prior to that, he worked as an adjunct professor as a math instructor for adults. Mr. Walker was able to assist many teachers by helping them pass the math portion of the teacher’s exam. Building confidence through inspirational and motivational activities is just Mr. Math’s way. He has conducted many local math competitions. Since 1997 he has received sponsorships for statewide mental math bees all around the country. Mr. Walker holds a graduate degree from Newport University, an undergraduate degree from Nova University and he has also done additional course work at Florida Memorial College and Florida International University. His most famous words are “Every child can feel like a winner and we don’t want to lose our children, when we have ways of winning them”.

For more information, please view Mr. Walker’s resume here.