About PMM

Math Championship in FloridaProject Motivational Math (PMM) is deeply concerned with the development of children’s mathematical skills. PMM has been working with various counties throughout the country and especially in the state of Florida in assisting them in enhancing critical thinking skills as well developing mathematical curriculum. Mr. Math visits many schools around the country and gives demonstrations in the classroom on how to best use this unique method of getting students to think critically. PMM has met with the Commissioner of Education, and many of his staff members on how best to serve the students of Florida. The origins of PMM date back to 1983, when the founder and president, Mr. Willie L. Walker began his mathematics program in Miami-Dade County, Florida. The program and mathematics competitions proved to be so successful that he was awarded the Miami-Dade County Mathematics Teacher of the Year in 1990. A total of over 15,000 students have attended his annual mathematics competitions. Every year they continue to have mental math competitions, which highly motivates the students to get involved mathematically. These competitions are so successful until it seems like the students are going to a football or basketball tournament, rather than a mental math championship.

Mr. Walker is a former accountant who left the business world to become a full-time teacher. He has incorporated memorizing number crunches from a business stand point into the minds of classroom children. This process makes mathematics fun and enjoyable. Children all over are loving it! Even children who didn’t necessarily enjoy math are learning to have fun computing math mentally. PMM’s supplementary curriculum is designed to encourage, excite and motivate students to love and excel in mathematics. This program builds confidence through motivational activities.

The principles of PMM seek to further its vision of educational excellency by serving as a meritorious educational catalyst in the field of mathematics. This concept is designed to illustrate how students characterized as disadvantaged and at-risk, can be motivated to become more enthusiastic about mathematics, thus raising their level of self-esteem through methods utilized by Project Motivational Math. This program has been time-tested for over a decade in Miami-Dade County, Florida, and most recently in and other areas throughout the southeastern part of the country.

When the techniques of Project Motivational are used, students learn and develop positive attitudes about a subject that is ordinarily intimidating. The positive outcomes raise the belief system of the individuals in the math program, their parents and teachers. In the process, the local school system will be positively impacted by qualitive and quantitative analysis with results that show a turnaround and enhancement of performance on standardized tests and other tools of evaluation.

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