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Get excited about mathematics & learn many math skills online.
Number sense, Geometry, Measurements, Algebra, Data analysis, Mental math, and probability are all reviewed here. Take a sneak preview of Mr. Math’s math problems:

Instructions for Mr. Math Room:
1. Before accessing the Math Lab, please have your user name and password by calling 1-205-608-1267.

2. Now access the Mathlab button here. You may take the pre/post assessment test to find out where each of your student’s will need help. A score will be given.

3. Now access the button for the content page and study the 13 sections math tutorial by clicking the click button for each section.

4. After each section there is a test that should be completed with a teacher/monitor present.

5. You must have Microsoft Word to access these problems.

6. Problems maybe viewed at anytime during the week.

7. Some problems have been placed in Archives for your viewing.