Welcome to the New PMM!

Welcome to the New Project Motivational Math!!!

The new and improved motivational website is designed to help children to excel in the area of math and develop critical thinking skills. PMM is a first-class curriculum enhancement tool specifically created to build upon the educational foundation provided in a classroom setting.  Students exercise the skills gained in school while PMM works on developing speed, accuracy, detail and independence in each individual child. This program is a great way to exercise the regions of the brain responsible for memory and complex math calculations. Motivational math has been known “to turn on the brain” in other areas of learning as well. Real life applications and experiences challenge students to think critically. Each student is encouraged to solve math problems their own way while using the proven techniques learned at school. Multiple learning styles are encouraged through the use of: music, physical movement, visual imaging (without pencil or paper) and computer technology. PMM strives to provide an outlet for creativity while adding reinforcement to a student’s mathematical education. Contact Mr. Math to come to your school, district or to present a workshop or classroom demonstration with students and/or teachers for grads 5 – 8.  Basic math strategies and motivational techniques will be presented.

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Online Math Competition May 14, 2008 at 10:00 am Eastern Standard Time

Where – PMM Chatroom Must have log in number

When: May 14, 2008

Prizes: 1st Place $100 2nd Place $50 3rd place $25

Registration Cost: $10 per participant: For registration form and more information go to the development program section above.