Virtual School Flyer

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Project Motivational Math Inc. (PMM) is opening a (Virtual) On-line School in August 2008. Students in grades 7 – 12 will have their lessons taught on-line and by correspondence. They will communicate with their teachers and each other through the PMM website, email, telephone and/or facsimile. Students will even have the opportunity to get on-line math tutoring as needed. The most important feature of this virtual school is the motivation factor. PMM is dedicated to keeping students motivated through-out the school year with opportunities to participate in on-line mental math competitions, Bible Bowl tournaments, Math and Science challenges and Community Service projects. Students will be eligible for prizes, honors and awards as well as chances to be featured in the school’s newsletter and on the website monthly. There will also be opportunities to share testimonies, submit a blog or even host a podcast. This program is designed to provide an alternative to parents who want their child to get quality education outside of the public school setting. One of the major assets to the PMM Virtual Program is that it is a Math Magnet school specifically focusing on building mathematical excellence. Students will have an opportunity to use real-world applications to solve math problems in their own way. PMM is a strong curriculum enhancement tool that serves to reinforce and build upon methods and techniques previously learned in a traditional classroom setting while taking the student to the next level of creative problem solving and developing critical thinking skills.

PMM ran a pilot program for the 2007/08 school year at the Learning Center located in Fairfield, Alabama. There were eleven students in grades 9 – 12. Students took four classes in-house, two classes on-line and one class via submissions. Five seniors are graduating from this SACS accredited school on June 15, 2008. PMM is now accepting applications for the 2008/09 school year, in-house as well as for the Virtual School on-line. Call 205-786-2565 for more information or email us at (click gray virtual education tab) for On-line School registration forms. Fax completed registration forms to 205-786-2567.